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Complete Clear Aligner In-Office Kit
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Essix® PLUS™ Plastic
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Drufomat Scan Pressure Machine
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Introductory Clear Aligner In-Office Kit
This kit is a fast and convenient way to integrate Clear•Aligner into your practice. Save vs. purchasing separately! Kit includes:

  • #82510 Thermoplier® Undercut Enhancer Pliers (Red)
  • #82520 Thermoplier® Maxillary Tooth Moving Pliers (White)
  • #82530 Thermoplier® Mandibular Tooth Moving Pliers (Blue)
  • #82560 Thermoplier® Micro-Ramp Pliers (Yellow)
  • #82630 Thermoplier® Mesial-Distal Pliers (Purple)
  • #82610 Thermoplier® Large Circle Pliers (Gray)
  • #82740 H.I.T.® Punch Pliers
  • #82720 H.I.T.® Insertion Pliers
  • #828HT (50) H.I.T.® Hooks
  • #82ELA-C 3/8" Ultra Non-Latex Elastics
  • #82591 Hakko® Digital Thermometer
  • #82TAB Dental Burner
  • #82585 EconoGas Butane Refill
  • #CAT-THERMO How to Use the Hilliard Thermoplier® Pliers
  • #ARS-D (10) Dental Rx Sheets
  • #82ORG Essix® Essentials Organizer
  • (25) Essix ACE® Plastic Sheets 5" Square, .035"/ 7/8mm Thickness
  • (25) Essix C+® Plastic Sheets 5" Square, .040"/1mm Thickness

  • Heat pliers prior to using. Pliers can be autoclaved.
    Patent #6,293,790 and Patent #6,702,575

    EconoGas can be shipped via ground delivery only – sorry, no air delivery. Hakko and EconoGas are not trademarks of Dentsply Sirona.

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