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Essix® Pontics

Primary use: Temporary Bridges

Use Essix® Pontics with Essix ACE® Plastic to fabricate quick and economical temporary bridges right in your office. No more flippers!

  • Wear-resistant, vacuum-processed synthetic resin
  • Special lingual channel ensures pontic locks into the plastic

  • Upper Laterals - Set of 6
    Mold Class: Tapered
    Lateral Length (B): 9.9mm
    Lateral Width (C): 6.2mm

    Tapered Upper Anteriors - Set of 6
    Mold Class: Tapered
    Total Width on Curve (A): 49.5mm
    Lateral Length (B): 10.8mm
    Lateral Width (C): 8.3mm

    Square Upper Anteriors - Set of 6
    Mold Class: Square
    Total Width on Curve (A): 57mm
    Central Length (B): 11mm
    Central Width (C): 9.4mm

    Lower Anteriors - Set of 6
    Total Width on Curve (A): 37.5mm
    Central Length (B): 9.7mm
    Central Width (C): 5.1mm

    0° Upper Posteriors - Set of 8
    Upper Width (D): 32.2mm

    0° Lower Posteriors - Set of 8
    Lower Width (E): 34mm

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