TMJ-MBV Appliance™ Mouth Breather Version

Specifically for mouth breathers and snorers

The TMJ-MBV Appliance™ Mouth Breather Version. The TMJ-MBV™ features four large breathing holes, and a thicker base with Air Springs for increased bite opening and gentle TM Joint decompression. The sides are higher than the regular TMJ Appliance™ for improved retention while sleeping. The TMJ-MBV™ advances the mandible when in place. This feature, plus the increase in vertical bite, helps to provide more airway space – a feature which is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of snoring. The TMJ-MBV™ allows for free movement of the mandible when in place. Available in two sizes: Regular (7mm bite opening) and Large (11mm bite opening).

Available for shipping in the US only.

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