TMJ Appliance™

Immediate symptom relief

The TMJ Appliance™ is prefabricated, soft, flexible (medical silicone), easy to wear and fitted immediately by the patient. Using the muscle and joint palpation procedure ( it offers immediate diagnosis and effective treatment for TM Joint Disorder. The TMJ Appliance™ assists in correction of both myofunctional and parafunctional habits. It has the double mouthguard effect (vertical sides), which limits bruxing; and the MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™ with the Tongue Tag and Tongue Guard which stops tongue thrusting, grinding, reverse swallowing and other tongue habits which are thought to be major contributing factors in TM Joint Disorder. The TMJ Appliance™ also has an aerofoil shaped base for joint decompression. Use for one hour daily plus night time while sleeping.

Available for shipping in the US only.

MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™, TMJ System™, and TMJ Appliance™ are trademarks of Myofunctional Research Co., used by permission.
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