T4A™ Appliance - Phase 2 Clear

Ages 12 to 15+ years
Permanent Dentition

The TRAINER System™ was developed to incorporate the philosophy of myofunctional therapy and tooth alignment into a single size, easy to use appliance. All appliances are designed to actively retrain the mode of the tongue and the peri-oral muscles of the mouth, correct breathing habits and align the anterior dentition. With mixed dentition, this greatly assists with both dental and facial development.

The T4A™ (TRAINER for Alignment™) shares many similarities with the T4K®, but is designed for patients with permanent dentition. It has higher sides in the canine region to align erupting canines, and the distal ends are longer to accommodate the second molars. The combination of Labial Bows, Tooth Channels and Two-Phase hardness provides good alignment of anterior teeth.
  • Phase 1 is soft silicone
  • Phase 2 is harder polyurethane
  • Base to first molars only

Available for shipping in the US only.

MYOFUNCTIONAL EFFECT™, TRAINER System™, T4K® and T4A® are trademarks of Myofunctional Research Co., used by permission.

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Phase 1 Clear
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