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Essix® Die Stone
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Hurrimix™ Alginate & Stone Mixer
In offices where rapid mixing and consistent quality of alginate and stone are required, the Hurrimix™ Alginate & Stone Mixer standardizes the mixing process to deliver a top quality mix every time.

Die Stone Measuring & Mixing Accessory Kit
  • Essix® Die Stone Guide - Step-by-step instructions for measuring Essix® Die Stone and Essix® Fast Cast Die Stone
  • Weight Scale - Measures the weight of die stone and water to ensure mixing cups are not overfilled
  • Water Dosing Bottle - Measures the desired amount of water
  • Measuring Scoop - Measures the desired amount of die stone

  • Compatible with the majority of alginates and stones currently available in the market
  • Very efficient - Alginate mixes in as little as 6 seconds
  • Includes pre-mix stick, spatula, spatula holder, (2) die stone mixing cups, (2) alginate mixing cups, water bottle with graduated measuring cup and Directions for Use.
  • Door safety lock prevents accidental opening and any loss of material during mixing.
  • Alginate + water mixing capacity = 80g
  • Stone + water mixing capacity = 100g
  • 2-year warranty
  • Portable; 9.45"w x 11.81"d x 12.20"h; 48 lbs.
  • 115 volt

  • Setup Video
    Mixing Die Stone Video
    Training Video
    Quick Guide

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