ARS Space Gauge
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Clear Anterior Separators
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IPR Gauge Set
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Safe-Tipped Bur Kit

Safe-Tipped Burs are designed to help reduce the risk of notching the proximal enamel wall while accurately reducing surfaces during interproximal reduction. This easy-to-store kit has the burs needed for IPR – from start to finish. Kit includes storage block and 10 burs:
  • (2) Anterior Cross-Cut Carbide Stripping Burs - #55000
  • (4) Posterior Cross-Cut Carbide Stripping Burs - #699C
  • (2) Fine Diamond Finishing Burs - #5FDST
  • (2) Medium Diamond Finishing Burs - #5MDST
  • Individual burs may be autoclaved; do not immerse in cold-sterilization solution

Also available:
Standard-Tipped Bur Kit

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