How-To Videos

Drufomat Scan Pressure Machine

Drufomat Scan - Unpacking and Setup
Pressure Pot - Setup and Use
Funky Tool

Drufosmart Pressure Machine

Unpacking, Setup and Operation

Hurrimix™ Alginate & Stone Mixer

Mixing Essix® Die Stone

TurboMAX® Alginate Auto Mixer

Unpacking and Setup
Mixing Alginate


Appliance Fabrication


Essix® PLUS™ Plastic - Dr. Padilla
Essix ACE® Plastic
Essix C+® Plastic


Kombiplast Plastic (clear film)
Kombiplast Plastic (red logo film) - Dr. Padilla

Full Contact Splint with Anterior Guidance

Kombiplast Plastic (red logo film) - Dr. Ruddell

Sports Mouthguards

Drufosoft® Sports Mouthguard Material - Dr. Padilla
Layer 1 w/Trimming
Layer 2 w/Polishing

Whitening/Bleach Trays

Essix® Bleach Tray and Model Duplication Material - Dr. Padilla

Temporary Bridges

Essix® Pontic and Essix ACE® Plastic - Dr. Padilla

Denture or Partial Repair

Pressure Pot - Dr. Padilla

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